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Alexander Powell MS

Master Sommelier and Senior Wine Manager at Grill 23 & Bar, Boston

Back in 2010 I started in the restaurant industry as a busser/polisher, with aspirations of becoming a bartender. Working at Lee Restaurant in Toronto, it was Celebrity Chef Susur Lee who told me that if I wanted to work his bar, I would have to also learn about wine. So I bought the book 'A Sommeliers Guide to Wine', and proceeded to drink and read as much as I could. I fell madly in love, and knew from there what my life's work would revolve around.

My experience in the past 10 years includes running multiple restaurant positions such as Maitre D' of 4 Ways Inn Bermuda, Wine Director of Micheal's on Simcoe Toronto, opening Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto as Wine Director/Manager, opening Aburi Hana as Beverage Director/Manager, and most recently Senior Wine Manager at Grill 23 in Boston. It also including Co-creating and starring in a local tv series 'The Drink', and speaking at numerous events in Toronto.

As of August 31st, 2022 I have completed the Master Sommelier Diploma at The Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas.

Wine is my foremost passion in life, and my pursuit of not only understanding it myself- but being able to convey all its wonder and charm to others in a concise, eloquent and accessible manner so that it may positively impact their lives- will never cease.

I’m deeply interested in all professions that involve wine, from its creation, through its distribution, and finally to its service on the restaurant floor. Whichever the discipline, I will devote all of my focus and effort to it, in the service of this that I love.

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